This week the Citizens break down the 2-1 Texas Three-Step & a heartbreaker in OKC before looking ahead to a week against 2nd tier Western Conference teams. Topics include the 3rd unit meltdown in Dallas (and Stott’s questionable coaching), getting superstarred by Durant, and the thorn in our side known as Patrick Beverly.

Discussions this week include the upcoming trade deadline and what acquisitions the Blazers can/might make, what Nic Batum’s All-Star chances actually are, and – with the return of the collectible caricature glasses & old Starter jackets – what other NBA memorabilia we’d like to see resurrected.

All that, plus a neck-and-neck prediction race, what ‘chopped and screwed’ music is, Mike Rice’s city-hating campaign, and Chilly Willy’s all-cartoon starting five to take on the Toon Squad.

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