Pick and Scroll, Expect “Championship Basketball” to be played tonight


Your daily (Mon-Fri) roundup of links from around the blogosphere, typically Trail Blazers related.

  • The Blazers take on the Boston Celtics tonight in a nationally televised game on TNT, and as Joe Freeman of The Oregonian points out if the Blazers start off slow again, its game over.  Helping the Blazers’ chances tonight is LaMarcus Aldridge who coach McMillan said will start and play.  Aldridge often plays well against the Celtics, and will try to get over the poor game he played on Monday against Sacramento.
  • Matt Calkins of The Columbian expects tonight’s game to get physical and Wesley Matthews thinks the Blazers can win the battle.  Matthews, who was seen after practice Wednesday using a different kind of three point goggles looks to have a big game against the Celtics.
  • Forbes magazine came out with its annual NBA Franchise Evaluations and is reporting that the Blazers are worth $356 Million and are valued as the 14th best NBA team out of 30.  John Canzano of The Oregonian believes that Paul Allen should celebrate by taking advantage of the teams position by going after weaker teams in hopes to win a championship now.  In any event, it is great news to see that the Blazers are among the top half of NBA teams financially.
  • Chad Ford of ESPN (Insider) lists his top 10 impact players most likely to be moved before the deadline, and Andre Miller ranks second on the list.  Ford goes on to say:

Miller’s contract is also not guaranteed next season, making the 34-year-old an attractive target for a veteran team trying to shore up its backcourt. The Blazers have been hunting for help just about everywhere, and if they can get a young player or an asset for him, they’ll pull the trigger.

  • Also from ESPN Insider, John Hollinger considers the Blazers as “Sticking” rather than “Kicking” as the trade deadline continues to grow closer.
  • Sekou Smith of Hangtime blog, which believe it or not is not a blog devoted to my favorite video game, debates whether Aldridge or David West should make the Western Conference All-Star team.  Unfortunately, this debate may turn out to be moot, as both players seem likely to be shafted in favor of Blake Griffin and Kevin Love.  For what it’s worth, Aldridge did receive 83% of the votes at the time I wrote this.
  • Wendell Maxey of Beyond the Beat has an interesting article about newly acquired Blazer Chris Johnson and the lessons he learned during his time on the Celtics.  Johnson, who is essentially the Blazers sixteenth man, reminisces about his time with the Celtics during training camp and the advice Danny Ainge and Shaquille O’Neal bestowed upon him.
  • TrueHoop Network sister site, Celtics Hub, is reporting that Bill Walton will be providing color commentary for the Celtics tonight on their CSN broadcast.  This is now the second time this season a Blazers opponent has had Walton join their broadcasting team for a game.  Although, this time Walton makes a lot more sense as a commentator than when he announced for the Kings last week. 
  • Al

    It would be cool if LA made the All-Star team, but I am starting to think that the extended rest might be a better option.

  • Ward to Miami?

    Fantastic Jack Ward piece, I'm surprised he hasn't big leagued PRS and moved onto another team. He's like Kevin Love stuck in Minnesota – and they're both due to become RFAs at the end of the season. If PRS wants to keep Jack Ward, they better be willing to match a huge contract for him. In other words, I hope David Kahn is not the GM of Portland Roundball Society.