Pick and Scroll, Blazers escape Sac-Town Letdown


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  • The Blazers did everything they could last night to lose, but in the end it just wasn’t enough. The Blazers won 94-90 in overtime. Joe Freeman of The Oregonian alerts Blazer fans that they should get used to these types of games for the foreseeable future.
  • Speaking of the future, it seems as if Nate McMillan’s is in his hands. John Canzano of The Oregonian believes that Coach McMillan has all the power when contract negotiations take place this summer. Canzano also believes McMillan is a wanted coach, and wouldn’t fault him one bit if he decided to jump ship this offseason for a team with healthier meniscuses. Menisci? Healthier knees.
  • Chris Haynes of SLAM online, echoes Canzano’s opinion. However, in the piece there are some puzzling quotes from Coach McMillan, one of which has him reminiscing about a dream lineup of Blake and Oden starting with Marcus Camby and Andre Miller coming off of the bench. If I am not mistaken, wasn’t Blake (and Outlaw) traded for Camby because Oden was already injured? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  • In another potential offseason departure, everybody’s favorite intimidator Joel Przybilla, has apparently mulled over the thought of retirement. Telling Portland Tribune writer, Kerry Eggers that:

“Retirement is a possibility,” says Przybilla, 31. “My wife (Noelle) and I have talked about it a lot. Between the knee and the ankle, there’s still some pain there,” he says. “I’m not 100 percent, and I don’t know if (the knee) will ever be 100 percent. My biggest thing this year was to just get through the season, then have a good summer. I don’t want to get injured again and have to go through the rehab process again.”

  • Are you sick of all the Carmelo Anthony non-news yet? Well, Dwight Jaynes wants to make sure that you are. In his commentary, Jaynes suggests that the Blazers try to trade for Carmelo Anthony regardless if he will sign with the team after the season. I guess that’s one way to start the rebuilding process.
  • Mike Tokito of The Oregonian brings us up to speed on the All-Star campaigning of Lamarcus Aldridge. Tonight will obviously be a big litmus test for Aldridge’s candidacy.
  • Tonight the Blazers take on the Los Angeles Clippers on a nationally broadcasted game on TNT. Make sure to check out our TrueHoop Network sister site, ClipperBlog, to try and figure out how to stop Blake Griffin.
  • http://sportsaccordintome.com Stefan

    Why Monta Ellis is like The Black Swan


  • Al

    Teams seem to go after LA early in games to try to draw fouls, would that work against Griffin? Or we could just have Miller run into him again.

  • Django Radonich-Camp

    I vote for the latter…let Miller show the rook how it's done ABA style.

  • Blazers

    Nate Mcmillan is such a piece of shit/ lying coach who can't win with talent. Blake and Camby were never on the roster at the same time… what the hell is he talking about? I honestly hate this man.