Pick and Scroll, Blazers catch a break so to speak


Your daily (Mon-Fri) roundup of links from around the blogosphere, typically Trail Blazers related.

  • Congratulations LaMarcus Aldridge, you are the first Blazer this season to successfully receive good news on an injury.  Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports that Aldridge is probable for tomorrow’s game.  As I am sure all of you realize, if Aldridge had been out for an extended period of time he would have become the SEVENTH Blazer to miss substantial time due to injury this season. 
  • Speaking of injured Blazer big men, Mitch Lawrence of The New York Daily News is reporting that Donnie Walsh of the New York Knicks has a wish list and Joel Przybilla is on it.  The Knicks are looking for a backup center, and have been openly interested in both Marcus Camby and Przybilla.  The fact that the Blazers are also open to the possibility of acquiring Anthony Randolph from the Knicks makes me believe that a deal between these two teams is very likely to happen before the deadline.
  • Nicolas Batum is now blogging.  Sean Meagher discovered the post on the French basketball site, http://www.basketsession.com and Tim Brown of The Oregonian roughly translates it.  One of my favorite quotes:

Now, I’m seeing less space and less open shots, so that would be super interesting to the team if I could develop a shot from 4-5 meters out from the basket off of the screen

Any time something has the potential to be super interesting to the team, I am onboard.

  • Wendell Maxey of Beyond the Beat is reporting that executive director of the NBAPA, Billy Hunter met with the Kings team two weeks ago and warned them that “The lockout would last all of next season” if an agreement isn’t reached by June 30th.  Meetings are reportedly scheduled to take place during All-Star weekend between owners and the NBA Players Association in hopes to put to rest the uncertainty of next years NBA season. 
  • If you find yourself wondering what Kevin Pritchard is up to these days, Chad Ford gives us an update in his chat:

Lance (Pdx)

Hey Chad, KP was invited to spend some Quality time with Larry Legend, big changes coming in Indy?

Chad Ford

(1:31 PM)

From what I can gather, Kevin Pritchard approached Bird, an old teammate, looking for some side work. Pacers asked him to scout some NBA players. No official relationship. Doesn’t appear to be anything. While I’m sure Pritchard is on the hunt for a new GM gig (and I think he deserves one) I don’t think there’s anything going on in Indy. The owner is a big Bird and David Morway fan I’m told.

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