Blazer Tweet Beat: Ugh


The Blazers are becoming an increasingly Twitter friendly bunch. Indeed, the pull of social media and the push of resident advocate Patty Mills are difficult to resist. The Blazer Tweet Beat highlights the Blazer tweets you may have missed if you are too smart to waste all of your time on twitter. Then, for no reason, a winner is chosen. Make sure to follow us @pdxroundball.

Earlier this summer I believed that the lockout would lead to more free time which would lead to higher quality tweeting. In regards to the Blazers it appears I was very wrong. It is only July and the team has run out of tweet steam (tweam?). As someone who spends a stupid amount of time reading Blazer tweets I’m optimistically hoping that it can only get better from here. This is the cream of the recent crop. For serious.

Why Marcus Camby?

Are yall planking out there? I wanna see…

Camby should talk to Batum, who has anointed himself a planking All-Star despite never actually tweeting any planking pictures that I’m aware of. Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard must be like “smh”.

I’m a PBA all star (Planking Basketball Association)…lol

Armon Johnson likes this wallpaper of Armon Johnson.


My guess, Wesley Matthews, is that they are tweeting about how people drive in parking lots.

Seriously….how long does it take to back out of your parking spot?!?! What could they possibly be doing?


Elliot Williams. Partially because I have a soft spot for food (BONUS:Classic Perkins tweet from Williams. If you think substituting toast for eggs is strange, it is, but remember William’s immortal “eggs don’t look right” quote) tweets and mostly because he got robbed out of winning the last tweet beat. His prize is a free meal to Denny’s, price limit $7.50.

First ones at benihanas…. Waiting on them to open #hungrytweet

Headed to Perkins… Tremendous 12 on deck